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Can you play for outdoor events?
Absolutely, but only under certain conditions.  The harp is very sensitive to weather and cannot be subjected to rain (or drizzle), extreme heat or cold.  Also, the harp can only be played on flat, level and hard surfaces. 

Can I listen to you play before hiring you?
Yes!  An in person consultation can always be scheduled.

Will the harp be loud enough for my event?
The harp is an extremely resonant instrument, and the sound carries surprisingly well, even in outdoor spaces.  For small to medium-sized events, amplification is not usually necessary.  For large events or in spaces with lots of ambient noise (traffic, fountains, etc) amplification is preferable. 

How much do you charge?
My fee depends on several different factors including type of performance, length of performance and traveling distance.  To inquire about your specific event, please contact me for a price quote.

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